Burn Books and SLAP! Books;


1. SellingEm
2. YorkieMGP
3. MiraMagic
4. AwsmDoode
5. Alygirl02
6. Amelia4ev
7. Deanna38
8. SportyAx
9. sk8terb67
10. IbeBekah
11. LoveEmma
12. tanibanan
14. Ally4ev10
15. Keilah
16. AlexisPee
18. Cass402
19. RawrImLiz
20. natnat10
22. MooU and her other accounts.
23. TinyDusty
24. GirlyLeo
25. Jillith
27. iCouture
29. Xion2
30. ooooppppp
31. MrCowBoy
32. LunaLolli
33. KittieMe
34. Monet1616
35. Joker63
36. Laughter6
37. PengWhen
38. DocVP
39. IBeCookie
40. DeadSnail
41. LolzRawr
42. MooFrost
43. lilpcdoll
44. cowbank2
46. Keilah
48. meluvme29
49. Futile
50. kittypet
51. kdreamer
1.PORKCHOPS, Spammer2. rofl hate her. she’s a bigoted liar, and refuses to change her beliefs, even if they are incredibly outdated and ridiculous., Pretty Cool, Shes really religious but overall she is really just stating her opinion. shes cool., My dogs a shorkie.
3. I love you. You’re so sweet to everyone even when they cause chaos, Harry Potter, Good Designer, Mira is nice. She acts kindly to everyone and m,akes sure they everything is fair.
4. SUPER UGLY!!!!!, She’s really mean and barely cool. She’s annoying., Awesome Dude, Fat, You are one freaking hy, ILOVECATH.SHERULES. Period, salomi, Zomg lyke dis gurl is soo dumb. Ew, she iz lyke so not kewl.,
5. just erased the name and forgot what it was, Grace iss EPICE TO THE P TO THE I TO THE C!!!!, She’s Okay.
6. 3 words. I love you. :D, theres a girl named amelia in my class. shes annoying, Amelia4ev I saw this person but I dont know her truly so I wont say a thing, Whatevah!, Amelia is very strong willed and loves to have fun. She’s a great friend and a beautiful person inside and out
7. Midbie, 8,
8. Sooo mean and annoying and just rude., Wannabe ME!, SportyAx Jamie is my jambells. shes the sister I always wanted.She puts the awesome into awesome., SHES WUNDAFUL,
9. peter pan, sk8terb67 Whhhhooooo? If your talking about andy though then he is cool.
10. NEVER replies to ymails. IbeBekah is awesome, KLAINE, IbeBekah Bekah is awesome. She is a great friend
11. LoveEmma She is very very nice. I really love this girl. I trust her.. A lot, ilovemyself, This girl is pretty cool., You’re such an awesome HP RPer, Shes um..cool,
12. afganistan, She’s an honest and nice person, Sorry but I do noit know this person, wont give me 2 clams,
13. van goh, ANNOYING!!!! She is my werewolf orphan buddy. PAINTING is very funny and always makes me laugh, We be awesome freaks. Ily, she’s not so nice.
14. moou, I kinda know this person but not really
15. AWESOME, Keilah is really really cool and nice. She is a great bud to have, who makes me laugh out loud alot., shes pretty cooooool yo.,She needs to stop liking Spongebob because he’s evil.
16. Craaazay an 2 young 2 have a facenovel, THIS CHICK IS AWESOME AND COLORFUL, This girl is cool., feces, Alexis is a little crazy but a lotta awesome. She defiantly knows how to have a good time and lights up the room when she enters., dis the only 1 ima put cuz the only 1 I know but she is annoying and spends long time in shower, god I hate her
17. You’re cool Hehe, Nice, i be friendz with the lizzi, Lizzi can be a girl’s (or guy’s) best friend. She is always there for you when you need her, and she welcomes anyone right off the bat., .MeBeLizzi MeBeLizzi is really cool. She is fun to talk to and always spices chats up and makes everyone laugh once or twice, i see a scion riding on the top of my screen,
18. okay, I LOVE CASS. AND WATCHING AVPM/S WITH HER, Cass402 Cass is a awesome HP lover. Period, im watching wipeout,
19. Don’t know, Dinosaurs, RawrImLiz I dont know who this is, WHICH LIZ IS THIS? i think this is anionett. I LOVE HER TOO. so much love x3, She broke Awesomesaucicalschmexy’s little heart by being with other people,
20. Hi :D, Active BBSer, uhh so she’s one of my best friends, no biggg., natnat10 From what I have seen on the BBS nat is really cool and I hope I can become friends with her soon, super hot i love her
21. Salty, XsUGARRX3 SARIIIITTTT I trust sarit alot and I love her in a frienldy way. (IM NOT A STALLKKERR /)_(\), oh lookie! another one of my best friends. even if she succs. terrible gamemaker., Hiy, Sooo mean. I hate this chick!!
22. MooU: You scare me sometimes… O_o, Can be nice, but often mean and spams alooot. good at editiing photos, not a fan of the kellster., Kelly is probably whacked in the head (in a good way) but she is really funny and has great people skills., MooU and her other accounts. She annoys me. Once she told one of my friends who had a problem at that time well she told them to DIE. She says that she is diffrent outside of the BBS but I dont believe that one tiny bit., trolls in the dungeon, hot but hates me.
23. TinyDusty: swiffer jet, my brother smells like armpits,
24. Girlyleo: You’re awesome!, blue, Girlyleo is really really nice. She is a great person and I hope she has a great life ahead of her, good designer yo,
25. Jillith Amazing designer and so cool and loves MJ and she’s awesome and she is the leader of the fattles<3, MJ LOVES ME MORE!!, Multiple identities..but all of them are nice I guess, micheal jackson forever, crazy mom, Jillith FREE THE COWS!! Lynnbuddy is awesome. shes funny and sometimes her spams brighten up my bad days and make me turn them into great days., HUGE BIG BIG D-CUPZ AND IS HOT.-yo bf Dustin, AWESOME DESIGNER AND IS VERY POETIC, i’m not realy friends with mariah, but she’s cool. even if her spamming gets annoying sometimes

26. Krissai: Cool,not a fan, chicken, One of my earlier friends and super nice! RUN KRIS RUN!, Krissai I dont know this girl but from what I have seen she looks like a great friend,

27. ???

28. Funkchik1/Funkchik2: Funny.. and kinda nice., I STILL NEED HELP WITH MY IPOD D:, not fan, Dani is slightly insane and extremely nuts but he’s a good friend and always has some jokes up his sleeve that lightens the mood, dangly, he’s cool, ..very direct, insanely annoying,

29. Xion2: Did NOT start out well with me at all, but he’s ok now, and kinda funny too., Good at giving advice and nice and funny, never gonna give you up, Awesome, is a very nice person who has a lot of wisdom for their age., bigoted liar, and refuses to change her beliefs, even if they are incredibly outdated and ridiculous.

30. ooooppppp: he’s hilarious. everyone loves him. end of story, hilarious, never gonna run around and desert you, ooooppppp QUOTE: ‘OOOOOPPPP, OOOOOPPPPING IT UP SINCE.. FOREVER, Only one word can describe him: ooooppppptastic,

31, MrCowboy: hilarious, I need more battery, Middle.. I dont really know him, kinda kinda not, ugh I hate him too, Only one word can describe him: ooooppppptastic

32. LunaLolli: She’s really nice!, lol, Luna is a very nice girl, she is just misunderstood. She is a fighter and she holds out in a war of words like a true trooper, and I commend her for that, ROFL DON’T GET ME STARTED., You tend to be headstrong but, you’re really nice, Super nice and has good taste in hats!!!

33. Kittieme: she seems very nice. Honest, she’s a really great girl I think that she’s gonna go far in life (:, Our future senator!!, i voted for her,
Marissa is a great buddy and its fun doing comics and writing with her. She gives great advice is a true friend and is most likely a 50 year old creeper, Fun, loving, Caring, She’s so nice and she ignores all fights, she’s a really good person and I respect that, She’s one of the 5 people I can count on (:, i be lovin’ de marissa,

34. Monet1616: monet’s hilarious. i wish we were better friends, but she still intimidates me, rofl, OBSESSED with de Charlezz Lopezz, Cool, She seems pretty cool, cheese,

35: KingFFV/ Joker63: He seems nice and gives clams :P, He’s got awesome hot chocolate! haha, crackers, He seems nice, Trav is very ambitious and friendly. He is nice to everyone and tries his best at everything he does!, ew.,

36. Laughter6: See number 4!!!!!

37. PengWhen: . .)Gotta love Hershey ;D She’s a ton of fun and is super talented at writing, PengWhen WOW THIS GIRL IS AWWEEESOOOOMMMEEEE I luvv her guts out, sweater, She’s nice..kinda.

38.bloo, WHo?

39.taste, Tess is cool,

40. DeadSnail- He has squaids, that’s all I’m saying, escargot, Snail is awesome. he always brightens up my days, Dudsnul’s a nurb.
ehgbjslag. mixed feelings

41. i need to fart,

42.car frost,Who?

43.lip, .., Nicole is a super nice chicka! She’s always there for you and is a very thoughtful friend,

44. money, who, Austin!

45.ugly, Pop is awesome and hilarious, i be loving the pop,

46.hi, you already had keilah on this list, see number 15,

47.recycle! who

48. meluvme29- I like her, except she needs to unleash her inner funkyness, meluvpoppinx3, Lizzy is awesomesauce. I luv her she is so awesome :D, Who doesn’t love this chick? She’s very kind and friendly. (Not to mention beast!), ANOTHER BFF. lolz. zomg FRIED CHIKIN!!!!, Voldey is moldeh,

49.fruity, idk this person,

50. kittypet- Awesome, and random, and direct., no, idk this person, she’s nice, oh godddd. definitely not a fan,

51.m, who, I love you Krista



54.XOXKITKAT- She likes musical theatre, which makes her awesome in my book, xoxkitkat is always rlly mean to me :(!, OMG she’s such a stuck up S.N.O.B!!, . xoxkitkat-Random, straight foward, fun, I could say she’s nice, but she’s vicious, lol no Melanie is really nice.,

55.VickiDeze- Omg I hate this chick. She’s stupid and everything bad about life,








That’s it.


24 Responses

  1. LOL. “NEVER replies to ymails”… It’s true.

  2. rofl wtf.

  3. D: Sorry, there was a repeat for some reason.

  4. Y am i not in this GURLLLLLLLLL.

  5. IM SO CUL BBY!!

  6. lolrofl “HUGE BIG BIG D-CUPZ AND IS HOT.-yo bf Dustin”
    LOL great, great LOL

  7. mine was true rofl.

  8. Howdey! =) Mail Me! >=)

  9. Her telephone rang ’bout a quarter to nine
    She heard his voice on the other end of the line
    She wondered what was wrong this time
    She never knew what his calls might bring
    With a cowboy like him it could be anything
    And she always expected the worst in the back of her mind.

    He said, “It’s cold out here and I’m all alone,
    I didn’t make the short go again and I’m coming home.
    I know I’ve been away too long.
    I never got a chance to write or call
    And I know this rodeo has been hard on us all
    But I’ll be home soon
    And honey is there something wrong?”

    She said, “Don’t bother comin’ home.
    By the time you get here I’ll be long gone.
    There’s somebody new and he sure ain’t no rodeo man.”
    He said, “I’m sorry it’s come down to this.
    There’s so much about you that I’m gonna miss.
    But it’s alright baby, if I hurry I can still make Cheyenne.
    Gotta go now baby, if I hurry I can still make Cheyenne.

    He left that phone danglin’ off the hook
    Then slowly turned around and gave it one last look
    Then he just walked away
    He aimed his truck toward that Wyoming line
    With a little luck he could still get there in time
    And in that Cheyenne wind he could still hear her say.

    She said, “Don’t bother comin’ home.
    By the time you get here I’ll be long gone.
    There’s somebody new and he sure ain’t no rodeo man.”
    He said, “I’m sorry it’s come down to this.
    There’s so much about you that I’m gonna miss.
    But it’s alright baby, if I hurry I can still make Cheyenne.
    Gotta go now baby, if I hurry I can still make Cheyenne

  10. what about ibeyumna????

  11. Whyville (Lopan) fucking banned me from the site because I was deleting a shit load of post on the BBS, turning my avatar invisible, and throwing pies at him, wtf? All those post were all created by little 14 year old bitches trying to sell stuff or writing pointless shitty articles about what then believe in. Fuck the BBS and the little fat hoes who spend half there pathetic live typing for it. Why the fuck does it matter if he can’t see me? That little fuck would sign into my account and rearrange shit, he deserved pie in his fruity face. – Hitler

    Lol, whyville also banned me! – Tiffany

    and alex
    and axle
    and tyler
    and travis
    and madison
    and other axle
    and jaden…… keeps going on

    Just because of Lopan -_- Fuck you Lopan, Fuck you hard.

  12. you didnt include me! 😦 lol its okay

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