Whyville History Timeline!

March 25th, 2011- Whyville has it’s 12th anniversary party, and announces that face parts will no longer expire 😀

March 17th, 2011- A whyvillan has stolen 37 billion clams from City Hall. The clams spread alot all over whyville, and eventually Whyville had to be reset back to the way it was that Thursday morning, causing the whyvillans to get upset.

2009-2010 Whyville has began to have burn books popping up on the BBS. Whyville doesn’t approve of Burn Books, because it is another way for cyberbullying.

 September 20,2007-The site hosted several pop concerts with well known artists. The latest concert in the series, on September 20, 2007, involving the group The Cheetah Girls. Also, Whyville has hosted concerts for Stacie Orrico and TobyMac. Whyville also has done events involving the Jonas Brothers.

2007-2008- Waco Independent School District piloted Whyville in more than fifty Career Connections classrooms for over 1,000 students, integrating Whyville into school day activities and creating lesson plans available in the Whyville discussion group at Ning.com.

April, 2008-  As part of its work with the Texas Workforce Commission, Whyville launched a new initiative for teachers called the Whytexas Challenge [12]. Over three weeks, 300 teachers in Texas signed their students up to compete for their classrooms. The winners, from the Waco Independent school district amassed more than 17,000 clams in the three week period of time

March 25th, 1991- Whyville is Founded by James M. Bower


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