Whyville SLAP! Book 2012

Hello fellow Whyvillans! AlexisPee here with TacoMel, the Whyville 2012 SLAP! Book editor. We’re ready to post the newest Whyville SLAP! Book. We hope you enjoy reading it. Have fun!

1. Doodle971: helpful and always gives the best advice, a creep, DOOB! She’s pretty awesome, there’s no denying that., Autumn, you’re so friendly and sweet! :), Shes okay kinda boring though., this girl is such a slap!, Oh my gosh! I lover her so much., she crayzee, I love to read her posts! – splashiee,
2. Troubles/sk8erb67: i dont see why he’s so popular cuz hes just rude., so hot,  awesome, Prince kitty! He was one of my very first friends on whyville. Royal Fruits for Life!, weird 8 yr old, what a trolling son i have, Funny!, u a boy or a girl? me so confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I think he might’ve been dropped on his head as a child ,  Andy is really funny and I like his posts-splashiee,
3. HotTrent1: SO HOT!!!, nice, a good designer, Trent’s a really nice person and a great designer! 🙂 , Trent is a pretty great dude and he and my brother are birthday twins ;D you rock!, tries to tell us his life story lol,  boy put away dat tail before i slap chu, Fat, ugly, no good who ruined the end of the Hunger Games., hai thurr
4.   Galaxy7: annoying little boy who says dumb things., annoying, mwahaha, orange thrower, prude,  I dont know you too well, but your opinions seem very well put together and you seem to show respect to everyone in the BBS., rude. bratty. pretty much is as angry as a 75 yr old hungry guy., are you a galaxy, or are you the number seven? seriously broski make up yo mind, Hehehehehehehehehheeh…, don’t know him really, I like this lil troll -splashiee,
5.bObami: know it all, annoyingly popular, awesome comics, Bob is no gregular guy., she’s hot, We haven’t really met, but you seem quite fantastic and make a killer comic.,  one word: sherlock,  imma slap you girl think you so fly, trying to tan yo cheeks in toledo!,  I hate him. He is so clingy., funniest person alive,
6. 0mgnick: attention craver. he begs for attention and loves to look like a victim., rich, stay off bbs you friggin… Nevermind,  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…, racist, You are really dedicated to Whyville and I appreciate that!, ‘vote omgnick’ scammerrr, 0mg lyk whu do u think u r! nick!?, lets kiII him shall we?,  I like Nick he’s a real nice guy(:-splashiee,
7. Pengwhen: UBER COOL!, pengwhen and bob=great team, i love her avatars, cute lil girl that is like 9, are you a penguin or were you a peng ‘back when’, dunno them,
8. Tanibanan: blonde, nothing against her, She seems nice, boring, bananananananaa or w/e gurl imma slap u so hard!, hi relish, ;3,
9.   Cohenlm: umm looks like sarah palin, chill. always posts opinions. , one of the nicest people on here, Rach is one of my best friends on here and awesome to talk to!, too skinny, Rach, you’re so awesome. You make me smile all the time and you are overall a great friend and writer, overreacts about EVERYTHING., oh god don’t get me started she is so awfully horrifyingly cool it amazes me,  i dont get ur username. like are you an ocean worth like 10k or something, the v still dun make sense!!, I love Rach!!,strongly dislike her , I like reading her post they’re helpful.-Splashiee,
10. MeeCookie: doesn’t share her cookies, is interesting, she seems nice, DRIVE BY FRUITER!!!!!!!!!!, she’s cool, gurl u r not a cookie!!, good articles,
11. Ocean10kv: pointless, bad attitude little 16 year old, very nice,  Kelsey’s really nice and funny, Girl, I love you. We used to be pretty close and sadly we haven’t been able to talk as much, but I miss you and hope to talk with you soon ;o, Cool kat. laid back. pretty.,  i dont get ur username. like are you an ocean worth like 10k or something, the v still dun make sense!!, good articles,  I love reading her postes and I love how she’s a fellow Hedley Fan!-Splashiee,
12. Kittieme: blonde and pretty but oblivious to the fact that I’m in love with her, not around much but always nice., terrible senator, helpful, AMAZING!!!!!,  Marissa is so nice and an amazing writer. I look forward to her poetry every week! :), Epically AMAZING, awesome, nice pretty, GURL U GOT MY HEARTBEAT RUNNIN AWAY, Annoying, good articles, Meow I like her-Splashiee,
13.  Iynne/Jillith:  rude and inconsiderate.,The best poet EVER, obsessed with whyville and a complete liar and backstabber/drama queen., annoying and ignorant, gets annoying after awhile, You make excellent poems, and you should submit to the times again soon!, mj lover, pickles!, Hate her,strongly dislike her,
14. IBeMeh72: An amazing friend and super cool fattle -alexispee, weird lady, cheese bubbles baby, cheese bubbles, Hate her, worse than iynne,
15. FLAWS: Flawless bbygurl, obsessed with whyville and a complete liar and backstabber/drama queen., seems like a good person., beautiful,  I’ve never talked to you, but everything I’ve heard about you has been positive, and I really enjoyed your article on depression., gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous but I hate her current look, u dun got no flaws, Hate her, seems nice,
16. AlexisPee: Probably has ADD, small young little 12 year old, pretty cool for her age, nice and unopinionated but awesome., good advice giver, wannabe rastafarian oooooooooooooh.,  where do you store your pee?,
17. MooU: Pretty harmless 14 year old troll, Used to be one of my great friends -alexispee, worst troll ever, backstabber, ugly, dumb 14 year old, bipolar freak, foou moou doo! Oh my gosh. I hope she dies by stepping on poisonous LEGOS!!, not funny and your whole queen thing is stupid,
18.  M55055: Ummm awkward smile,  pretty sure shes 7 years old or something ew., high school musical, who the heck is this?,
19. Funkchik1/Funkchik2: I’m in love with him, never will be a senator, Blonde bieber hair, I’ve only really talked to him a few times, but he seems pretty nice!,  Dani, when I think of someone who is happy, bubbly, and massively friendly, I think of you. You always are putting on a smile and doing things for other people. You rock!, lady pretender,  Gross Scammer, Dani rocks luv u,
20. Ooooopppp: oooooppppin it up since forever!, annoying and boring troll, very wise fellow, Hate him/her, x3,
Xoxkitkat: Annoying and a wannabe, a great senator, tries to get people to pay for a free whyville event, shes a noob and poop-troubies, pretty good senator, very nice, good senator, Oh gurl she is one HAWT tamale 😉 hehe, Few people are as awesome as you, Mel. An awesome writer, great senator, and positive role model are a few labels that fit you well., calm mexican lover., My husband!, SHORTY!,  I LOVE THIS PERSONNN! She and I are going to make a fat cat fitness center. I love reading her posts, they’re full of joy and fun to read.-splashiee,
22.  Deprave/Detain: My amazing best friend.. , who?, hes that designer dude right?, Love her designs, been in love with him since november of 2010 yo,
23. DibIsHot: Love the username. Dib is so pale tho., very intelligent, she’s cool, she has cool looks, dunno her,
24. MrCowboy/stidav41: Really nice and I love him so much, awesome, ehh, the best and nicest person i’ve met on here, clearly deserves to be senator, Fellow ohioan! I like cowboy, he’s a nice dude!, random., Love him, ugh,
25. Taylor332: I stole her pics and used them for facenovel, boring and moody ugly teen, ignorant, i hate her,
26.   Falling/Jacki:  pretty nice kid, can speak her mind, MEAN RUDE AND IGNORANT LITTLE 12 YEAR OLD!!!!!!1 HATE HER!!!!!, funny troll, immature for her age, Funny and fun to talk with!, fat and ugly, annoying, hate her, cool avatar looks., we use to be friends what happened?,
27. VickiDeze: Awesome bruh., excellent role player, A theater lover! What’s not like?, she loves her theater., lol autocorrect changed your name to backsides,
28. NickiFan: dumb and annoying, dumb kid who pays for clams., best dark toned kid ik on here, Dev’s nice and he’s improved a lot at designing lately 🙂 Practice does make perfect! lol and askin all dem questions, makin statements, assumin!, MOOU’S HUSBAND BLEH, weird, hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate him.,
29. Lolurmom: A great nice friend., idunno, gross,
30.   Anionett: used to be innocent, very intelligent, Liz, you MUST start submitting more of your amazing poems to the times. I’ve missed reading them, and seeing you post regularly on the forums. , Anionett is a dirty minded little turtle who is a creepy stalker of Darren Criss. I heard she collects his toe nails and then displays them on her wall. Yumyum. , she’s cool,  I like her even though I don’t know her,

31. Laceychik: Hilarious and friendly and amazingg -Veronlcah, gorgeous in real life. inspiring and is always there for people when they need her. , extremely pretty, she’s aight, DIRTY NAME if tu have a dirty mind,
32. natnat10: Awesome amazin, rugrats lover, From you facenovel posts it’s so obvious she’s in love with Charles Lopez, AWESOME PERSONNN. P.S. MASHED POTATOES.,
33. Monet1616: everyone worships her, proves a great point, The most amazing person I have ever met on BBS..,
35. Phantasle/phantasie: She’s so pretty and likees snookie and nicki minaj. And boys. And Cody.,
36: hplizzy: hi,


9 Responses

  1. how could you forget me!!! im musclegod

  2. hehe that is all true!

  3. “Anionett is a dirty minded little turtle who is a creepy stalker of Darren Criss. I heard she collects his toe nails and then displays them on her wall”
    LOL this sounds like something she’d do. xDD

  4. Wow you guys forgot some of the main people……. Fail!

  5. lol’d.
    But on a side note, you missed a lot of people. D:

    • Yeah, We probably would’ve added more people but it takes a long time to copy/paste every person’s post onto 35 different names.. maybe next time a few of you would help us come up with a list and help us copy/paste the descriptions..

  6. You did forget a lot of people… maybe you should let us all together make a list next time :DD

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